I wanted to share at least a couple of the Angel Gowns that come from each dress that is donated.
Many Angel Gowns are made from each dress however the number varies depending
on each unique dress. Your donation is very much appreciated! More dresses will be
displayed on these pages along with a couple of the Angel Gowns created from them.


Thanks JK - Bethspage Tn.



Thanks DN - Chicago Il.


Thanks CN - Summertown Tn.



Thanks GW - Maumee Oh.

Thanks CN - Summertown Tn.








Thanks JW -- Edmonds, Wa


Thanks JB -- Bothell, Wa.


Thanks DH -- Canfield, Ohio


Thanks RC -- Hattiesburg, Ms.

Thanks KC -- Bakersfield Ca.


Thanks DB -- Portland, Ore.



Thanks MB -- Kenmore, Wa.


Thanks DG -- Everett, Wa.



Thanks DM -- Monroe, Wa.

Two or more gowns are often used together to create one special and
unique Angel Gown. You may find a photo representing
more than one gown or photos from your own gown including
characteristics your gown did not have. Changes in lighting and
photo location may cause the color of before and after pictures to vary slightly.


Thanks BB -- Canfield, Oh.



Thanks MS -- Kirkland, Wa.


Thanks BB for D Family -- Canfield, Oh.


Thanks AH -- Canfield, Oh.





Thanks LW -- Canfield, Oh.


Thanks TL -- Kirkland, Wa.



Thanks D Family -- Canfield, Oh.


Thanks JB -- Spokane, Wa.



Thanks JB -- Spokane, Wa.




And it all started with my own wedding gown.

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