Celebrating the "Angels" that help make it happen!

What started out as a project to put my own wedding dress to
good use has now spread and others are contributing their
time and talents to help!


Carol G. of Vancouver, Wa.


Nancy H. of Bothell, Wa.


With loving kindness.



Dawn of Columbia MS


These Angel Gowns were lovingly sewn by Karen Grinstead in Austin Texas and delivered
to Seton Northwest Hospital’s maternity ward



Thirty-two gowns were lovingly made from several dresses donated for this project. The sewing was done by Mrs. Paula Albee (Pastor's wife whose husband serves on the Board of Volunteer Hospice of Northwest Illinois, Stockton, IL). The gowns were then donated to The Haven Network, a Perinatal Hospice and Bereavement Center located in Rockford, Illinois that serves the Northern Illinois region.





Leona of Colorado






Joni of Kirkland, Wa.




Lynn of Monroe, Wa.



Olive of Marysville, Wa.

Olive checks out the newly donated dresses and approves them to move
forward to the deconstruction process.



Erin of Mill Creek, Wa.

Helps prepare the wedding dresses
for new Angel Gowns.




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